As the holiday season approaches, we invite you to prioritize self-care and wellness to ensure a joyous and rejuvenating celebration.

Here’s to radiant skin, happy hands, and blissful feet!


Our pedicures and manicures are a perfect way to relax your mind, body, and spirit. They help reduce stress and aid anxiety, sleep better and reduce insomnia symptoms.

Our natural skincare treatments help boost the health of your skin. A facial treatment promotes relaxation and rejuvenates you while targeting other skin concerns. Great evening pampering. 

We focus on holistic care – wellness; It’s a mind, body and soul experience. Training clients how to be intentional about their well-being. You body is depending on you. Show it that you care. 

“Self-care is an intentional way in which we love ourselves, set boundaries, and care for our health and well-being.” – Phiona. 

Why Coconut Village Spa?

Quality & Value

Visit us at Coconut Village for the right ambiance, the best pampering, and the greatest experiences!

Naturally Approved

Each of our procedures is proven to be safe and effective on the skin. We use natural products and organic in-house products to deliver our spa treatments. 

Completely Safe

Most tools are disposable (one-time use only), and implements are thoroughly sanitized for an hour after each use. To guarantee that safety, we do not take walk-ins.