Coconut Sensation & Candle


  1. one large 500 mL Choose from (mango, coconut, grapefruit, or peppermint)
  2. one 250 mL


Coconut oil is great at locking in moisture and keeping skin hydrated. It increases collagen and it is gentle enough to be used around sensitive areas, like the eyes. Gentle scent that can be an all in one for exfoliator, make-up remover, and moisturizer, no color added.

When using on your entire body: shower with soap, rinse off, then exfoliate your entire body with our Tropical Sensation, rinse and pat skin dry as opposed to rubbing it with the towel. Lotion afterward is optional but is recommended if you have eczema Psoriasis or dry skin, especially during the winter! Enjoy the softness and the fresh aroma of BK2 skincare.