Spa at Home Kit


PCV always give our clients the opportunity to enjoy our spa vibe at home in between their in-spa pampering. We know that everyone deserves to be pampered. This ‘bring the spa home’ is for clients to invest in their self-care or treat someone else.

Pre-Packages include:

1 facial treatment mask, 1 face spatula, Collagen foot mask treatment,  a body scrub, 1 natural soap or 1 bath bomb + 1 Coconut Ferrero Raffaello, and the rest is history!

Often we feel guilty to spend on ourselves! I no longer do that! Now, I treat myself unapologetically!


Turn on some music of your choice. Choose tub time, workout, or mediation, for your personal selfcare – Me Time: wet the round sponge and exfoliate your face, then wash your face +neck with the Arbonne cleanser.  Damp dry gently. Pour the full pack of facial treatment in the bowl and mix it with 3 tbsp. of cool water (add a 4rd spoon of water if needed but the mixture should be THICK), and then immediately apply to full face – thick coverage.  Allow it to do its magic for 20 minutes while you do a 20 minutes workout or meditation of your choice. If taking a soak, fill your tub with nice warm water; drop in one of your favorite coconut village bath bombs, and enjoy a beautiful 2o minutes soak and relaxation.

After 20 minutes, peel off your mask and enjoy your deeply hydrated, soft and renewed skin;  moisturizing is optional