You are invited to Phiona’s Virtual Birthday Appreciation Event on Saturday, Dec 2nd, 8 -9 pm.  A lucky winner will enjoy a one-night stay at the Holiday Inn in Aurora and lunch at Romy’s restaurant. To be announced at the end of our 1-hour event.

Enjoy 40% off purchases of $100 and up and %25 for all others. Come ready to do some Christmas shopping and have some fun. We have gift baskets, certificates, Candles, Body scrubs, Cream, Skincare, and more. Our website is being updated, but you can still explore to see products and services.

RVSP Tickets are $9.99 and will go towards your purchase at the event. [PAY ONLINE or BY E-TRANSFER TO

SPECIAL NOTE: 10% of our overall sales will be donated to the Yellow Brick House to support abused women. We will also donate ($225. CAD = 25,000 Jamaican Dollars) to sponsor a student’s School lunches in Jamaica. Children in poverty are at a greater risk of getting involved with the wrong crowds and getting abused. So, these issues are dear to my heart.

Thank you in advance for your support.