SANITATION PROTOCOL. Our services are timed an hour and a half apart in order to properly disinfect & sanitize workstations, equipment, and tools between clients and to maintain the highest level of safety. Therefore, if a client arrives late for an appointment and have particularly difficulty with their nails/feet that need extra attention, some portions of your service, like the massage/hot stone, may be reduced or excluded in order to give technicians sufficient time to perform safe disinfection routines between clients and remain on schedule, without rushing the experience. The process. 1. Welcome and fill out Client form 2. Feet and hands are examined (respectfully) to identify any health risk for the client and our salon, and to customize your service. 3. Tub plastic liner (optional) for pedicures is available for extra protection 4. We followed the highest standard per York Region Regulation and disinfect our Ceramic pedicure tubs for a half hour instead of the standard recommendation. 5. If a client has a fungus or our Nail Technicians feel she have characteristics of fungus, it’s our policy that you reschedule after getting a doctor’s appointment/note. We put your health and the health of others first and apologize if we have to reschedule a client. 6. All metal implements are sanitized and submerged in a 70% Alcohol as per Public Health, for disinfectant and sealed once air-dry. All files, buffers and wood-sticks are disposable, one time use per client. 7. Diabetes: We take extra precaution with diabetic guests thorough a consultation 8. Elderly: We take serious precautions with our elderly clients. Typically, the safest procedures require no pushing back cuticles nor callus reduction 9. Pregnancy: For our clients’ best interest, we recommend that you talk to your Dr. before receiving a pedicure and bring a Dr.’s note of approval for our records. Without that we are unable to provide that service in protection of you and your baby. 10. No Razors or Cheese grater the use of a razor (called a “Credo” blade) or cheese grater to remove calluses is not regulated in Ontario. The razor blades themselves are never sterile, so when injuries happen, and they do, it increases in the chance of infection. In addition, we are not happy nippers we believe a good cuticle oil and a buffer will take care of it. Therefore, cuticles are only clipped when necessary. I [ ] agreed that I was informed and have read in full Phiona’s Coconut Village Spa protocol.